Hand Drawn Whiteboard and 2D Explainer Animation


what you do


We animate your technical text based content to better explain who you are, what you do and how you do it to support the value in what you provide.

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your people


Academic research shows that information presented using whiteboard animation will provide a15% uplift in memory gain over using more traditional methods.

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new business


Our goal is to create animated marketing videos that will entice, enrich, engage, entertain and reward the viewer to convert these into customers, followers and fans.

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Some happy clients


Airhead Animation are experts in hand drawn animation. Our boutique animation studio can provide you with all the hand drawn animation you need to market your business successfully. As a team we comprise caricaturists, technical illustrators, industrial artists, computer modellers, animators, voice artists and product designers. We cover every conceivable area of 2D animation. You need look no further than Airhead Animation for all your animation needs.

Airhead Animation: A 2D Animation Studio with a Difference

Established in 2013 our computer animation studio will meet every need of your growing business. Our animations are affordable, effective and they are tailored to suit your bespoke needs. Whether you own a hotel, a factory or an accounting firm there is room for animation in your marketing plan. Our 2D animation techniques can bring any business alive. We provide a vision for your future through animation. Even the most complex of services can be explained through animation our explainer videos will become the key communication tool for your business.

The modern generation relies on their smart phone devices or computers for everything. We are always one step ahead of the latest developments in the digital revolution. Our Bristol animation studios have embraced the digital world.

Our innovative software allows us to create bespoke animated videos faster and more effectively than ever before. We use a wide range of animation applications that are also accessible to you. The difference is that we are experts, we lead the way in proficiency and are one of the top animation studios in the South West.

Our computer animation film studio recognises the necessity to make your product or service unique. We understand the need to stand out from the crowd. We are aware of need to draw in your audience. We can characterize any member of your team, choose yourself one of your employees or even a client for the basis of your animation.

We can create whiteboard animations. We are experts in traditional 2D animation as well as 3D techniques. We can provide animation for your social media marketing campaign. Our animation studio in Bristol creates animations that are timeless and unique. We can write scripts for you, create a character that is entirely unique to your company. We provide content marketing solutions for everyone. Whether you are a small local business or a large corporate client we have the very best in animation services for you.