Hand Drawn Whiteboard and 2D Explainer Animation

Our 12 Stage Animation Process

We like to work in stages, in discussion with you, starting with your story or a script before then working through our 12 stage animation process.

We can write this script for you, so if you don’t have one, just send us an outline of what you would like your animation to do for you and we will work with you to complete that process first for a set fee.

Your script will form the essence of the brief as it ultimately defines the images needed to create your animation.

Once we have this, we will send you a definitive cost to create your animation based on the script, your preferred style and any other information you provide.

If you are happy to engage us, we will send you a pro-forma invoice for a deposit on account.

We ask for this because we may need to conduct some research before creating a draft storyboard from your script. We also often help clients hone their script to either reduce the total length or to help make it more meaningful, purposeful or engaging.

This storyboard is then sent to you for comment. This allows you to confirm that we understand your business story through the images we will use to illustrate it.

This can be a discursive process, which culminates in your approval of both the script and the storyboard, which defines the key frames or illustrations your animation will contain.

We ask for a second payment on account at this time before we record your script, provide a link to review this and again ask you to approve the recording before we begin the full animation process.

We use individual project web pages to keep you informed as your animation develops.

A first draft of your animation will be posted to your project page and a notification sent for you to review and comment as soon as we have something meaningful to show you.

We may also ask you for any additional information we may now need to complete your animation.

Working this way allows you to comment on any minor adjustments or alterations that may be needed if we have inadvertently got something wrong or you think of a small enhancement.

Significant amendments at this stage will however be chargeable when these are alterations to the previously approved storyboard or script.

We will inform you of the additional costs of any extras for your approval before we make them.

An invoice for the final balance of the work is sent to you when your animation is completed and a watermarked preview posted to you project page at the same time.

A download link to your animation is then sent when your final payment has been received.

A small thumbnail image, complete with a play arrow icon, will be provided to help you distribute your animation through your email or social media marketing channels.

We can also host, stream and help you distribute your animation for you if needed, for an additional fee. For more information please drop us a line using our contact form.