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2D Animation

2d Animation

Airhead Animation : Making 2D Animation Videos that Create Smiles

Airhead animation are experts in all types of animation for your business. Alongside our 2D team, we have visual experts, whiteboard animators, and our 3D animation team. Together we can create characters. Create a world that is unique. We can provide a video that captures your product or service to perfection. Our videos connect. They inform and inspire. They show 2D computer animation in its best light. Animation in 2D is not dead, and we are here to show you why.

Creating 2D animation online can come from two different and very unique sources. We can work from your very own pencil sketches, or we can work directly with the very best computer 2D animation software. Our videos tell a story. Each story that we create with your input and your ideas is unique. We can provoke emotions through simple 2D videos that will inspire your customers to buy. We can make videos that sell you and your company in its best light without the need for complex virtual 3D tours.

Choose Airhead Animation for:

  • Digital 2D animated videos
  • Traditional 2D videos created from your very own ideas and sketches
  • Animation 2D Motion Graphics
  • 2D Explainer Videos

Our 2D techniques include traditional cell techniques, flash techniques, and after effects. Our videos can take on the form of motion graphics. They can create visual animation. They can include info graphics. Bring your characters to life today with our 2D videos. Create your story. Tell your tale. And engage your audience in videos that are affordable, engaging, and most importantly effective.