Hand Drawn Whiteboard and 2D Explainer Animation

Why Educators should consider using Animation

If you are a professional educator you will be well aware that engaging the interest of students, and imparting information in ways that they remember, is becoming increasingly difficult.

Teacher-Blackboard-2A big part of the problem is information overload.  Some years ago it was estimated that a single edition of The Times newspaper contained more information than the average person in the 16th century would be exposed to in their entire lifetime.  Since that observation was made the rate at which new information is being created has accelerated dramatically.  It is now reckoned that human knowledge is doubling every 13 months, with the potential to reach a rate, within our lifetimes, where it doubles every 12 hours!

Not surprisingly, people are now experiencing massive information blur – the only way they can function in this saturated environment is by screening out almost all the new stuff that is coming at them.  “Too much information” has become a popular mantra for very good reason and attention spans have been reduced to nanoseconds.


What’s more, the way that people access and consume information has undergone a revolution.  Whilst the older generation would read a book or listen to a lecture those now entering the workforce prefer more interactive and visual formats, increasingly delivered by means of a mobile device.

For all these reasons animated video is becoming increasingly popular.  The combination of moving images and a voice-over is not only more engaging than traditional teaching approaches and text-based content but the levels of information retention are higher.

In addition, it suits both slow and fast learners alike.  Those who absorb information quickly are not being held back by those who prefer a slower pace while those who struggle with a rapid delivery can access the video 24/7 and watch it as many times as they like.  Both ends of the spectrum, and all those in between, are more engaged and more likely to remember the key messages.

Whiteboard animation, where a hand draws and writes on the screen, is particularly effective at holding the attention and imparting information in a very dynamic way that ensures high levels of retention.  It’s a great story telling technique, well suited for Educational Animation, where the hand creates very clear visual references that illustrate the information being delivered by the voice.  This software-driven solution has not only proven to be very effective at engaging the viewer and reinforce the retention of the information, but can also be relatively inexpensive to produce.