Hand Drawn Whiteboard and 2D Explainer Animation

Are you a Business Owner or Marketer?

If you are a Business Owner or Marketer responsible for finding or cultivating new business, you are almost certainly aware of the benefits of using video to promote your business and brand – so we won’t bang on about them!  Where we can help, however, is by providing advice on what video options might best suit your needs and give you some idea of likely costs.

First of all, a bit about ourselves.  We animate content to meet the growing needs of the serious digital marketer, business owner or brand. We create animated videos and can stream them for you at an affordable cost.  These can support your blog, white-paper, e-news, promotional or other digital publication needs.  We also like to think that we practice what we preach as far as our own marketing efforts are concerned.

One option worth considering is that we take your existing written content and turn it into a short animated introduction, teaser, summary or reminder of the value of this written content.  This will enable it to get wider attention and extend its usefulness.

Your animated content will be short, sharp, sharable, increase your open rates and grow awareness of your brand.

Why should I be interested in animated visual content?

A vast amount of high value written content has already been published online, so producing more of the same is unlikely to generate much interest.  There are just so many blog posts, articles and white papers out there, with very similar messages to your own, and using the same keywords, that your content will just be lost in the crowd.

If, however, you create your content in the form of a visual animated story there is an almost infinite range of different options in terms of narrative style, pace, technique, visual references or supporting audio.  This makes it easier to differentiate and therefore increases the chances of its being found.

More importantly, if you are ambitious and keen for your brand to be remembered, an animated story can be stuffed with brand related visual references, while the style and imagery can be used to elevate its value in ways that text alone cannot achieve.

Text driven content is rapidly being overtaken by animated video content as the medium of choice.  Animated video content is more memorable, easier to consume, more shareable and can be more readily identified as being linked to your brand.

What’s more, the increasing extent to which content is viewed on mobile devices, improvements in bandwidth provision, the growth of networks and the consumption preferences of generation Y all make offering content in a video format preferable to text.

Video content is particularly effective where the aim is to entice a new prospect, draw them into your digital hub or encourage them to share it.

Video works best, and is more likely to be shared, when it is entertaining and useful.   Use this fact to your advantage by including information that is valuable for your target audience and present it in a way that they will enjoy consuming.

Where would I use animated visual content?

Post to your social media channels.  This will funnel visitors to the full article that has been written for maximum SEO leverage and which any serious visitor will want to read at speed or digest at their leisure.

Embed a link in a thumbnail image attached to your outbound emails to aid distribution.

Embed in your blog or website from a version posted to your YouTube channel to help boost search results for your written content through Goggle+.

Start a new board on Pintrest for all of your animations. Post separately to Facebook.