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Are You Sitting on a Content Goldmine?

content-goldmineDo you find yourself regularly searching for fresh inspiration on suitable topics for your blog but struggle to think of anything new? Finding good ideas for new content can sometimes be a challenge but you could already be sitting on a goldmine of exciting new content opportunities without realising it. Your challenge is going to be harder for some types of business than others. Particularly if you need to release regular snippets of content that will support you as experts in what you do.

If you make or supply products that have a physical presence then these are likely to provide you with a rich seam of fresh content opportunities. Everything from customer reviews to how to’s, practical demonstrations of your items in use or maintenance tips will provide you with a rich source of visual references in addition to the words to keep a reader engaged.

The same content ideas might also be used if your product or service has no physical embodiment but you will probably need to use many more words. Unlike a physical product, you have no images, no product specific visual references to act as short cuts in your descriptions.

You may feel that this isn’t a problem because historically, using more of “the right words” has been an SEO plus but, when everyone in your sector is using the same words as you, how do you differentiate yourself?

Using some form of video may help. However, simply sticking a camera in front of a knowledgeable spokesperson and posting the resulting talking head video to your YouTube channel or website may not get you the result you hoped for.

Talking head videos are great when it is other people who do the enthusiastic talking all about you.

They are less good for delivering information-rich educational content which has a tendency to sound technical, dry or overly complex to anyone not also as knowledgeable as your speaker.

You will really need to roll your sleeves up and dig a little deeper to find the real value in the expert information you already posses but you really don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

deeper-content-goldmineThis is because the exciting, new, engaging content goldmine you need is in reality already in your possession.

All you need to do is refine a few selected parts of the core knowledge contained within your archived business information. Hone some of these down to their refined essence and present each in an animated format.

This may take more time to produce than writing a new article but if you think of your animation as being more akin to illustrated storytelling than true animation then the time and cost may not be that great. More importantly, reproducing your core content as a series of animations will add significant value to your online resources which, with careful selection, should provide real value to prospective customers for a good number of years ahead.

An additional bonus might also be provided if this strategy is set out in advance of any production with a view to creating a growing library of organisation and discipline-specific visual collateral that may be reused throughout the course of creating these resources. Knowing what one ultimately is going to produce over time will allow you to create an illustrated storytelling / animation style which continually reinforces your brand values.

The increase in visual recognition gained as a result of this investment in your animated storytelling style will also help set you apart from everyone else.

Without wishing to labour the point, you know that you and your business need to be found, be seen to be authoritative, be memorable and to stand out from the crowd. If you would like to explore some of the possibilities using animation or illustrated stories will provide then please get in touch to arrange a no obligation consultation with us at a time to suit you.

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