Hand Drawn Whiteboard and 2D Explainer Animation

Explainer Videos

Airhead Animation leads the way in explainer videos. We understand how things work. We understand how things are made. Our roots are in engineering and technical illustration. We are far more than just video explainer experts our team of experts include animation experts, technical illustration experts, marketing professionals, and computer modelling experts.

Explainer Videos and Animations that Work

Our explainer animations accompany your visuals. They help business owners and marketing professionals explain the true value of what they do. Our animations will explain with illustration how your product works. Explainer animations are far more powerful than an explainer video that relies solely on a camera recorded image.

Airhead Animation offers the best explainer videos Bristol has to offer. We can make even the driest of subject matter come alive. Whether your company is visually unspecific, or your subject matter is hard to explain, we have the knowledge to get your message across. By clever use of visual metaphors and hooks we can make even the most complex of subjects easy to understand.

Our explainer video production includes both 2D and 3D animation as well as simple whiteboard styles. We will ensure the viewer remains engaged with your explainer video through the clever use of moving text and simple geometric objects. Simplicity is the key to making your complex service or product easy to understand. The digital revolution has seen a shift away from pen and paper, a shift towards computer aided design and photo-realistic modelling.

What Airhead Animation does as an explainer video company is becoming almost unique. We believe in the power of pen and paper. We believe in the power of simplicity. We recognise the need for paper based skills. What we do is animate those skills. We bring paper-based skills into the digital environment. Our explainer videos are akin to storytelling. Each of our animated videos has a beginning, middle and an end. Choose from words, visual metaphors, revealed images and graphic representation for your video. Choose from:

  • Simplistic whiteboard animation video explainers
  • Paper cut in motion ( the placing down of cuts of papers or photographs onto a large white screen)
  • Stop motion (The use of simplistic materials to create animation such as the plasticine models used in Wallace and Gromit)
  • Traditional 2D animation
  • Complex 3D animation
  • Kinetic text animation
  • Computer assisted animation

There are few explainer video companies that offer what Airhead Animation does. We believe in tradition but we also believe in the future. We combine these two elements to make explainer animated videos that really sell.