Hand Drawn Whiteboard and 2D Explainer Animation

How we help

airheads-animation-processOur System and Animation Process – 12 logical stages that will guarantee you get the result you would like.

We like to work in stages, in discussion with you, starting with your story or a script. We can write this script for you, so if you don’t have one, just send us an outline of what you would like your animation to do for you and we will work with you to complete that process first for a set fee. Your script will form the essence of the brief as it ultimately defines the images needed to create your animation. Watch the Explainer Animation which for some reason we decided to produce as a RAP. ( It did seem like a good idea at the time. )

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Explainer Animated Videos – to help you explain the value in what you supply.

Airhead Animation is one of those small specialist agencies who have repurposed what were originally paper based skills into a digital environment.
This allows us to bring a level of skill and experience, gained over many years, explaining what things might look like, function, or be made. These skills are now much less common. Our explainer animations can therefore include a mixture of revealed hand drawn images, infographics, visual metaphors, key words, photographs or recorded video. This robots video is a good example of how an entertaining visual story can keep an audience engaged with an otherwise dry subject.

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Whiteboard Animation. Is it really Animation?

Whiteboard animation has been proven to increase the memory recall of the key information to be remembered when an audio recording is supported with visual metaphors or other simple images. ( Ref RSA interview on YouTube. ) Using a whiteboard animation style to communicate important information to an audience will result in them remembering 15% more of it compared to simply telling them the information. Whiteboard presentations and animations have grown in popularity because of the level of engagement they command from anyone viewing them. They appeal to our innate curiosity which makes it difficult to stop watching before first finding out what will ultimately be revealed. Their power therefore lies in that this trait increases the probability that the viewer will reach your call to action at the end.

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bus-journey-planWhy Animate?

Do you ever find yourself walking away from a discussion, feeling frustrated in the knowledge that your audience really didn’t seem to understand what you were offering, or the real value you could provide them with? This can be particularly frustrating if you are an expert supplying something complex or specialised. You probably find yourself having to first educate potential customers about the detail of what you do yet this can take time and time is often in short supply for your audience. Being able to direct prospective customers to a detailed explanation of what you do, delivered in an entertaining and engaging animation style before a meeting, is likely to smooth any future discussion to make these more customer focused than defensive.

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animation-studio-view2D Animation Experts.

First a confession. The Chief Scribbler at Airhead Animation has a default Doodling habit. His reasoning is that because he is a “visual thinker” he sees the words he hears and can’t not do the same when he is trying to talk to someone else. So expect to see flailing arms if there isn’t a suitable drawing surface near by when he talks to you. Hardly surprising then that after having originally trained as an Industrial Designer / Commercial Artist he re-trained to become a 3D CAD modeller and animator before starting a 2D Animation Studio called Airhead Animation. Airheads create well thought out, simple, 2D animated stories to meet the growing demand for business communication needs.

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