Hand Drawn Whiteboard and 2D Explainer Animation

Airhead Animation Hand Drawn Styles

Style 1 – Digital Whiteboard Animation.

Whiteboard animations produced digitally using simple, clean, black lines on a white background which are calmly drawn / revealed on the page in support of your story. This style is best suited to technically rich content where your audience may need time to absorb the full detail each image supports before moving to the next. This slower pace of the image reveal results in there being fewer illustrations per minute of the final video and this is reflected in the cost per second of animation.


Style 2 – Customised Go Animate Animation.

Go Animate is a cloud based animation application which provides the user with a library of ready made characters, backgrounds and props that can be used to create short animations. The Pro Version of the software allows the user to upload their own backgrounds and props and use these to customise their animation. Using this technique allows us to create a bespoke look to your animation while allowing you to benefit from us having access to a library of previously created characters, backgrounds or props to produce your animated story. The style is particularly suited to the production of a series of short animations, all using the same characters and props, to communicate various aspects of your business as magazine like animated information snippets.

Style 3 – Coloured Whiteboard Animation

This style of animation is whiteboard like in nature but might be better described as being “an illustrated story delivered as an animated reveal.” Adding colour to the illustrations helps lift the story off the page and adds visual interest while providing a fresh dimension to the whole story telling process. The style is particularly suited to explaining both dry, complex, subject matter and telling emotive stories. This use of colour also allows us to match your corporate colours to better blend your story with your website or social media channels.

Style 4 – Motion Graphic Animation.

A crisp, graphically driven, animation style based on simple infographic like artwork produced in Motion or Aftereffects with Kinetic Text, laired images and 3D effects to provide a contemporary style which works well for explaining Hi Tech products or services. The style is also well suited to providing animated backgrounds or animated “feature sections” within PowerPoint presentations.

Style 5 – Whiteboard Animation – Paper Drawn

We still enjoy drawing on paper because of the active feed-back one gets from the pen. It provides for a more immediate illustration style which communicates quickly the essence of the story being told without appearing to be over worked. It can appear a little rough around the edges or hurried in the effect it achieves and is ideally suited to technically rich storytelling where lots of information needs to be shown quickly to support the narrative as it unfolds.

Style 6 – Traditional 2D Animation – Digitally Produced.

The perfect animation style for marketing based content where the goal is to carry your unknown audience through to your call to action by entertaining them while you educate them. A good story with an equally good script is a pre-requisit for this style of storytelling and which we can provide through our team of copywriters for a separate fixed fee. We then work with you to develop the characters through a series of stages before producing something engaging, entertaining, ideally amusing and memorable for you to distribute through your social media channels or place on your website.

Style 7 – Mixed Styles, Whiteboard and Motion Graphic.

Some subjects are so dry or complex that no single animation style is equal to the task of communicating them clearly in a manner which retains viewer interest through to the conclusion. Mixing various animation styles, filmed video, photographs or other visual references can elevate an otherwise dry subject into something more exciting, engaging and memorable. This can include using video which you supply, subject to our confirmation that it is suitable, or we can provide a camera person or lend you the video cameras to gather this. This process requires more careful planning to execute and so this is reflected in the cost per second to achieve a result which will excite you.

Style 8 – Hand Drawn Animation – Paper and Digitally Produced.

This is a bespoke animation style that begins with us working with you to develop a character set and setting / background style which will provide you with a unique animation which clearly supports your brand. This is an iterative process that begins with the story and which in turn directs the detail within the script. Both the tone and pace of your animation will be tailored to meet your brand values. This style is ideally suited to larger organisations who need to differentiate their offer from their competitors or for creating a visual reference library of bespoke characters and props that are to be used to produce a series of animations with a common theme or style.

Style 9 – Hand Drawn in Motion Animation.

A modern approach to a more traditional animation style in which a series of hand drawn illustrations are assembled in Motion or Aftereffects to produce the final animation. Mixed media can also be included from a variety of sources to allow us to provide you with something truly unique.