Hand Drawn Whiteboard and 2D Explainer Animation

Sedgemoor Business Awards – Engaging with Nuclear Winners Story

We thought it might be nice to produce a quick animation of the Sedgemoor Business Awards Engaging with Nuclear success story, presented at The McMillan Theatre Bridgwater March 23rd 2017.

Little did we realise when we made the offer, how little time we would have to create something or the limitations not being able to declare exactly who the winner was, before the award was announced, would constrain the end result.

Having to create something “on the fly” meant that we not only had to write the script but create a quantity of fairly non specific animated collateral while waiting for the audio recording to be completed. The end result is as much an example of what can be produced in less than a week as it is an example of how a fairly everyday narrative can be made more engaging by simply adding some animated visual support to it.

Congratulations to the winners Mike Morgan Electrical Service 2012 Limited.

Vimeo video

[su_vimeo url=”https://vimeo.com/209463218″]

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