Hand Drawn Whiteboard and 2D Explainer Animation

Why Social Media Matters in Marketing Your Business.

In part 1 of my seminar I outlined my view as to why most people prefer to learn new information through a visually rich narrative such as video or animation. I also argued that the arrival of on demand video streaming and YouTube, now allows every business, regardless of size, to use this preferred storytelling medium to communicate with an audience of potential customers. But what relevance does social media have in all of this and why does social media matter to your business? I’ll try to explain it from a video marketing perspective, but at it’s core is the need to understand and grow your audience.

Like every other business, yours is out there in the void somewhere and all you want is to be found by people you can help. You have of course invested in a quality website, that you have then made sure this has been listed on every online directory you can find or deem appropriate.

You have started building an email contact list, may have affiliates, pay for some SEO or advertising. You produce and post relevant informative blogs, network online, contribute in forum conversations, do some PR and spend time distributing it though your social media channels. These may range from Facebook to Linkedin – Twitter, Pintrest or Snapchat of which these are the current front runners.

So what about Video Marketing? You may have a YouTube channel, or post video content to one or more of many others. These are just a few of the best known. Once separate, these now all form part of a more complex social media spectrum, with video being shared across all of them, under the single heading of Content Marketing. Here is a link to Wiki’s definition, but in essence, it is all about providing your audience with information that has value for them in the hope that some of these will become advocates or customers.

The most precious commodity in modern time is time itself.
So your content really needs to first quickly entice then enrich, engage, educate, entertain, inform and ultimately reward your audience for taking the time to watch it. I like to structure this using the rule of three and you might consider using the same in planning your storytelling content.
Firstly you will need to entice and engage with viewers using anything that helps get you found. I recommend it being short, frequent, informative and ideally humorous or emotive.
The second need is for the content to enrich and entertain. These are more likely to be found up front on your website can be longer but should hold real information based value for any visitor.
The third level of content is the fine detail within what you do that supports you as an expert and would include anything which helps reduce any perception of buyer risk.