Hand Drawn Whiteboard and 2D Explainer Animation

Why use video to tell business stories?

Cave paintings in their many forms may today be regarded as being pieces of art from our past yet they are really more akin to foot prints left in the snow than great works of an early civilisation.

This is because in my view they are the only surviving element of a, visually rich, storytelling event which took place around them. The audio element which contained the detail and specific detail or context of the story which was told could not be recorded and so has disappeared. The “art” that remains can be no more than an insight into the nature of the story which was told but more importantly, it does in my view confirm, that humanity has used drawn images to support, qualify and engage an audience since the dawn of time. So why should this be of interest to you?

In March 2016 I set out to introduce attendees to the theory that humanity has been drawn to describe what is experienced in pictures since the dawn of time. However. Individual images are open to individual interpretation if there is no speaker to complete the detail of the story being told and as such are not well suited as a nation building tool. Images in series therefor evolved over time into text which at its heart is no more than a precise code for describing an image or event accurately enough for there to be no ambiguity within the message.

The use of images within a story became a luxury up until volume print but still needed text to define their interpretation. Only with the arrival of film and then broadcast film ( video ) that audio was able to be attached to support a visual narrative but the means of production and distribution restricted its wider use within a business context. The arrival of the internet, fast broadband, affordable recording and editing devises aloowed these costs to fall yet the means of distribution changed very little over the same time.

Only with the arrival of YouTube and Google’s purchase of the same did the means of distriution change dramatically. Now every business has access to a visually rich storytelling medium that resonates more naturally with a potentially global audience at an affordable cost. Google and YouTube are both significant partners in helping any business present themselves to prospective buyers so meeting their needs should form part of any serious online marketing strategy.

In Part 2 I try to explain why engaging through Social Media channels matters to anyone posting videos online as part of a video marketing startegy.