Hand Drawn Whiteboard and 2D Explainer Animation

Telling Visually Rich Stories is Good for Business.

you-need-content-and-googleHumanity has been passing on important or useful information through telling visually rich stories since the dawn of time but, until relatively recently, this has been limited to small local groups. The digital revolution however now allows everyone to benefit from telling visually rich stories to communicate with a widely disbursed and unknown audience on-line. These evolutionary developments now mean that telling visually rich stories is not only good for business but an essential ingredient in any marketers tool kit. The following three short presentations have been taken from a seminar given in March 2016 which explored why the medium is so powerful, where one can use it, and what type of visual storytelling works best where, in your online marketing strategy.

The seminar, given by Sam Finlay, Head of Scribbling at Airhead Animation, sets out to provide an insight into why visually rich storytelling, using video and animation, is becoming the most popular form of content consumed on the web.

cave-painting-visual-storytellingPART ONE

“Why your content should be visually rich.” Part one explores mans earliest efforts to leave a message for others to see as cave paintings or carvings of descriptive scenes. It is probable, that the images we see originally formed part of an audio visual experience with a speaker and an audience.

Over time these images then evolved into a highly refined visual code that we now recognise as text.

This is because every image is open to individual interpretation and so on their own are not well suited as a reliable or accurate communications tool.  Leaving a visual message for others to action needs to be unequivocal and so are of little use as a nation building tool.

Images therefore became a luxury used only to embellish the text yet over time, as volume printing developed, images were used to support or enhance any given piece of text but still needed this text to eliminate any potential for ambiguity.

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online-marketing-graphic-overviewPART TWO

“You are a small speck of matter in a sea of the same. –  Why Social Media Matters”, then looks into why anyone hoping for their business to be found online needs to engage with social media.

It all starts with a good quality website fit for the job and a basic knowledge of where each component within any online marketing strategy fits as a means of encouraging visitors to engage with your business.

Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing were once regarded as being separate channels for this but are now more commonly referred to under the common heading of Content Marketing.

This second video then looks at the three levels of engagement most buyers will experience before making any form of buying decision.

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video-marketing-3-levelsPART THREE

“What type of video works best where and why.” The final video in this short series sets out to clarify why all on-line video is not the same. Some types of video work better at achieving a specific objective than others and not knowing the difference between these, when planning you video marketing strategy, may result in your investment being miss spent.

Knowing what you ultimately wish to achieve from any investment should in turn dictate not only what type of video or animation one produces but where it will be placed and how it will be distributed.

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