Hand Drawn Whiteboard and 2D Explainer Animation

Whiteboard Animation

whiteboard animation storyAirhead Animation are whiteboard animation experts. We create visual content that is unique, powerful and of exceptionally high quality. Our bespoke animation packages cater for all sizes of business. We are customer focused and deliver animations that we are proud of.

Airhead Animation: Whiteboard Animations Specialists in The South West

Whiteboard video animation is a unique process that allows you to improve memory recall of information. An audio recording that is supported with images and visual metaphors can make even the hardest topic easy to understand. Introducing animation with whiteboard techniques will allow your audience to recall 15% more information. When promoting your product or service you need your visual content to capture your audience which can be made possible with the help of our whiteboard artists.

Whiteboard videos have the power to pull in your audience. It is almost impossible to stop watching a cleverly produced animation that uses whiteboard techniques. Each animation tells a story. Each animated video has a beginning, middle and an end. No-one wants to stop watching before they reach the end. Whiteboard animation appeals to our innate curiosity. The power of a whiteboard-style animation is extreme. Once you get your viewers watching something to the very end they will be far more likely to reach out to your call-to- action far more so than if they watched a camera recorded video.

Our whiteboard videos and animations are not software-emulated; they are hand drawn from scratch. They are created from a set of original illustrations or visual images drawn by us or provide by you. You too can create whiteboard-style animations with down-loadable software. The difference with our animations is that they are drawn or created from scratch. Their quality is superior. They animate traditional pen and paper presentation. Our whiteboard techniques for  animations keep the tradition of pen and paper alive. Our style is far more artistic than anything you could hope to create using downloadable software. We can make even the driest of subject matter come alive.

Our whiteboard techniques for animation are far superior to those that can be produced using clip art. We provide not just a visual interest. We expand and support the spoken word. Our video whiteboard animations are guaranteed to engage any audience. Choose from slow and deliberate reveal animations, to slick, speedy animations. We can create a whiteboard-style video for virtually any service or product imaginable. We can and will make the impact you need to explain your product or service to your audience.